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ScriptData stopped sending

I've been working on my authentication cloud code and I changed my position data from an embedded JSON document into a numeric array inside of the parent JSON document and suddenly my client isn't recieving the data in the authentication request but the data is still confirmed correct inside the database scriptdata and there are no errors reported by your system.

Authentication response:

Unity recieved data:

DB entry showing script data was setup correctly:


 Hi Ian,

Is this problem in your Testing or VRRPG game?

If you confirm which one it is I'll have a look for you.





var NewPlayerData = {
    "position" : [0, 0, 0],
    "health" : 100,
    "exp" : 0,
    "level" : 1


 Hi Ian,

How are you setting the newPlayer data in Spark.getData().newPlayer?

I assume the variable NewPlayerData is declared in your module? If so, can you show us the code for the module please?



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