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Manual matchmaking


I'm manually matchmaking a multiple players into 1 match [min of 2 players and dropindropout enabled].
But when they simultaneously send a matchmaking request at the same time, they create multiple pending matches, some of them will meet but the others will create their own match.

Why is that? Is it connected to the availability lag? or am I just doing it wrong?

What I did was attached a FindPendingMatchRequest in the same script with the Matchmaking Response.
Then attached a JoinPendingMatchRequest in the FindPendingMatchResponse.


When a player enters a state of match making by sending a MatchMakingRequest they will have a pendingMatch created for them . This will exist while the player is in this match making state. If your match config is set to "manual match" you would then send a FindPendingMatchRequest. In the response of this request you'll get a list of the available pending matches. You can then join a suitable match with the JoinPendingMatchRequest. Does that make sense ? You can find our documentation on this here.



Yes I get that.

But what I want to accomplish is for multiple players to automatically meet in one match if they simultaneously send a matchmaking request all at the same time. This without sending a FindPendingMatchRequest and selecting a pendingMatch manually

I can't do that now, because what always happens is the players will create their own matches regardless if they all have the same criteria for matchmaking.

Hey Erika,

If you disable the manual matchmaking and drop-in/drop-out matchmaking on the match config players will be grouped together automatically.
A pending match will be created for each player, but as the pool is searched for appropriate players they will be grouped together automatically until the min players is met.



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