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SteamConnectRequest and switching Steam Users


What I want to achieve: Login into gamesparks with the current Steam user using SteamConnectRequest .

I just found out that when changing my Steam User and running the game, I get an error ACCOUNT_ALREADY_LINKED. When turning doNotLinkToCurrentPlayer to true, I can login properly again.

I'm really sorry but I can't grasp the concept of doNotLinkToCurrentPlayer, the description provided under does not make it clear to me.

"Indicates that the server should not try to link the external profile with the current player. If false, links the external profile to the currently signed in player. If true, creates a new player and links the external profile to them. Defaults to false."

What is a "external Profile"? Who is the "Signed in" player? The Steam player?

Please help me understand this better.

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The external profile = Steam Account

Signed in player = GS player

The GS player could be one that authenticated via authentication request or device authentication request.

Steam account needs to be linked to a GS user, otherwise, we are unable to save the reference to it. There must be an exists GameSparks which the backend can access and save details on.

Hope this helps,


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