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Push notifications are not sent with GS messages on FCM.

I am using push notifications on iOS and Android (FCM). It works fine on Android as long as I use this template (in FCM Template -advanced-):  

  "notification": {
    "title": "${who}",
    "body": "${message}"

But if I try to use messages I want them to be segmented by country and one template alone is not enough. So if I use the Message Template (which can be segmentable) it only works on iOS and Android doesn't receive anything; no entry pop up into the "capture-push-record" collection neither.

I actually get a capture-push-record entry now, I thought it didn't show up. Maybe I didn't notice or I changed something...

This is an example ( I still don't receive anything on my Android if I don't expliticely set a template):


  "_id": {
    "$oid": "596db9c8900bea04e4d689a2"
  "sent": "Request URL:,Request Method:POST,Content-Type:application/json,Request Body:{ \"data\" : { \"tickerText\" : \"Tezcatlipoca dice \\\" Fdfv\\\"\" , \"subtitle\" : \"{$who}\" , \"title\" : \"{$who}\"} , \"to\" : \"eoT0NvP-7bU:APA91bG0MgQtWYPUlEYesx15DfWmbFG_FPPNN2vL5jt5loKZng9sgfea04gSfOYSCRmdr7N4m615gLMpKm7Y8A3dmxZ-p3xrUm9Wxhu5ffRMeLQWieACJBrlcnA_bPwPr8L880Sl8L8B\"}",
  "result": "Status code:200,Response body:{\"multicast_id\":7779894495346430680,\"success\":1,\"failure\":0,\"canonical_ids\":0,\"results\":[{\"message_id\":\"0:1500363208620493%027dcd1af9fd7ecd\"}]}",
  "resolvedJson": "{ \"data\" : { \"tickerText\" : \"Tezcatlipoca dice \\\" Fdfv\\\"\" , \"subtitle\" : \"{$who}\" , \"title\" : \"{$who}\"} , \"to\" : \"eoT0NvP-7bU:APA91bG0MgQtWYPUlEYesx15DfWmbFG_FPPNN2vL5jt5loKZng9sgfea04gSfOYSCRmdr7N4m615gLMpKm7Y8A3dmxZ-p3xrUm9Wxhu5ffRMeLQWieACJBrlcnA_bPwPr8L880Sl8L8B\"}",
  "type": "fcm",
  "playerId": "596b50a72d91abaf5d193e1b",
  "ts": {
    "$date": {
      "$numberLong": "1500363208657"


I just noticed that there is data instead of notification in the resolved JSON. Data should be managed by the application right? So I have to write some code to manage notifications on Android? Isn't it possible to set it as notification?

I did it. I set this in the FCM Message Template. 

  "notification": {
    "title": "${title}",
    "body": "${summary}"

 But with this I can get only the title and the Message Template (which is the summary). The subtitle is unknown to me.

PS: Lately I am doing monologues on this Q&A.

Hi Andrea

You can see all the options for Firebase notification json in Firebase docs here.
For segmentation you can set the custom text for notifications in cloud code.



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