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Platform Release 2017-07-17

Hi Everyone,

Today's release, though fewer in number of items covered, brings more useful UI enhancements and fixes. Here's what we have for you:

Story --- If you're building a query for API Stream Analytics data, messages sent out from the platform are now included for selection. 15289

Feature --- After you've submitted requests in the Test Harness, you can now click to re-populate the JSON editor section with an earlier request to either repeat the request or to edit it and re-send. 14595

Story --- When adding Running Total fields to your Leaderboards there is now a clear distinction made in the selection list between system generated and user configured Running Totals. 14615

Bug --- An issue has been fixed in NoSQL Explorer where the edit and delete buttons were missing for items in runtime collections if the item ID=0. 15299

Bug --- Text labels in the Geographical Setup tab in Game Edit have been changed to clearly indicate which countries are allowed access to the game and which are denied access. 15305

Bug --- If a long unbroken string was used for a Snapshot description, this broke the standard Snapshots listing on the Game Overview page. This has now been fixed.  15287