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Problem with compiling plugin

Hello i am trying to compile the gamepsarks plugin for unreal source built engine i have followed the instructions on the website but when i try and compile i get the following error. 



couldn't find module rules file for module 'GameSparks'


 Where have you placed the plugin file?



Wow that was fast response . I sorted the error it was because I renamed the folder Plugin not Plugins missed the s off so it couldn't find the files. It still wasn't working I think it's because the plugin is set up to follow unreals new IWYU system but because of incompatibility with another older plugin I need for my project I have disabled IWYU . I did a fresh engine install and it works fine . Thanks for your help

 Glad that worked for you, Anthony!

Your GS friend,


Hi anthony winslade, how have you disabled IEYU?
Hi to bias you have to go either into individual plugin build.cs files or the engine build.cs file and Add or change this line of code PCHUsage to PCHUsageMode.UseSharedPCHs. More information found here But I wouldn't recommend it . The new system is bettet and faster I just did it as a lazy workaround to fixing my plugin
Guys if you're using the Marketplace app it will not work with IWYU. If you want to use IWYU, you must use the bitbucket version of the plugin at:



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