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Design Help

I'm attempting to get used to the systems that GameSpark operates with but I have a few questions:

  1. Whats the best way to create custom functions and call them through cloud code?
  2. Are runtime collections persistent?
  3. Is there any native API for comparing the date/time?
  4. Is it better to use runtime collections or SetScriptData() for persistent data such as XP, items in an inventory etc?

Thank you.

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Hi Ian,

1- We have Log Event Requests for custom function creation. These functions have a key in which they can be referenced by and input in the form of attributes.
2- Runtime collections are persistent in an environment. They are not persistent from Preview environments to Live.
3- Yes we have the JavaScript time and date libraries for that.
4- That depends on your approach. setScriptData() is still saving it in a collection. If you're saving tons of data on the player you might want to store it in a separate collection to save on packet sizes when getting default player scriptData back in responses and messages which uses more bandwidth.

Hope this helps,


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