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GameSparks not return responses

Hi all. I am testing GameSparks now from first time and I am missing something.

I am sending this request (DeviceAuthenticationRequest) to my wss:// URL from my game and using postman too (Chrome extension) to see the response and I didn't receive it in any case.:


  "@class": ".DeviceAuthenticationRequest",

  "deviceId": "",

  "deviceModel": "",

  "deviceName": "",

  "deviceOS": "",

  "deviceType": "",

  "displayName": "",

  "operatingSystem": "",

  "segments": {}


Anyway, I go to Test page in Gamesparks and I can make request and see the responses, but I don't know what is necessary to use out of the web to make it.

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Hi Juan,

What exactly are you trying to do here ? Which SDK are you using ? To send a request through the REST API you would need to use the Request API.



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