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"Edit" button in NoSQL - Aggregate

The edit button in the Aggregate tab doesn't work. Since there is also no export button for aggregate

( ), it's now impossible to get the text from the aggregate tab.

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Just to clarify, of course there is no real need for an actual edit button for aggregate. But a way to get the actual text instead of the formatted display of the results is needed.

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Hi Baris,

The edit and delete tabs that are visible on Aggregate tab should not be there. I've raised this with the team and it will be addressed in a future update. As for how to get the results from an aggregate query. Your best bet would be to use the NoSql REST API and export the results from the response. This call would be the one you are looking for.



Ok, removing the delete and edit buttons technically removes this bug. 

But the old way of displaying the aggregate results was much more convenient in my opinion. The foldable hierarchy looks good on paper, but for large-ish results it's very inconvenient.

Though the NoSQL rest api is an alternative for this, so it's not a big issue.

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