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Town system for an action rpg

Hello everybody.

Currently i'm working on an action RPG style game. I'm trying to build an town system in where players can meet up, form parties, chat etc. actual gameplay will be in dungeons with a single player or a formed party. That can be achieved via matchmaking but what i'm interested in is how can i create towns where player's can see each other and interract ? Think of it as towns in path of exile or similar games.

Should i create matchmaking servers for that let's say up to 50 player's per lobby and if player cap exceeds the lobby limit let the server create another lobby and if there is no players in that server terminate it ? Or is there a better solution for this ? By the way what is the player limit for an matchmaking server ?

Hi Kaan, 

I'd advise you take a look at GS Challenges. They're a lot more like lobbies. They can also save persistent data. They can be searched for, joined and left. You can use a combination of matchmaking and challenges if you wish. I also recommend you look at GS Teams, they can be used for parties, guilds and chat lobbies.

I don't think there is a player limit for matchmaking, but you'll have to keep in mind latency and load. 

GS Challenges:






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Hi Omar, thanks for the reply. Will check that out. One more question though. Can we set a challenge without a ending condition ? Or should i set the ending condition to no players left ? 

Hi Kaan, 

You dont have to have an ending condition. You can end the challenge through Cloud scripting by just declaring it as draw at the end (whenever you want to close it). The only thing you have to worry about is the expiry and ending times, which you can put years into the future.

I'm not sure what happens when all players leave the challenge, you will have to test it. You can have a lot of custom logic that automates all your needs through Cloud code when it comes to what you want your challenge to be able to handle and do.

Hope that clears things up,


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Thanks for the reply Omar. That answers my questions.

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