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Leaderboards don't load entries from Challenge Events?

I set up three leaderboards. They insert entries by reading the value of events.

However one of these leaderboards doesn't insert any entry even if the event is called. The only difference is that this event is called with a LogChallengeEvent request and it's considered as a Turn Taken from my challenges.

Isn't possible to use challenge events' attributes as values for leaderboards?

Thanks Gamesparks.

Hi Andrea, 

Can you let me know the name of the game and relevant events, challenges and leaderboards here ? The leaderboard that is posted to with the LogChallengeEventRequest. Is it configured as the leaderboard within the challenge config itself ? 



I have submitted a support ticket and the conclusion has been to create an event to call with a LogEventRequest instead of a LogChallengeEventRequest. The person who helped told me that LogChallengeEventRequest doesn't suite for leaderboards data.

I did not configure the leaderboard within the challenge because the outcome of the challenge is not determined by the attribute I want to insert into the leaderboard...

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