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Properties vs. Meta Collections


I had a question on when it would be appropriate to use Properties as opposed to the Meta Collections.  It seems like both could be used for similar purposes.

I want to store a configuration object, for instance a series of numbers indicating how long certain items take to regenerate.  Would that be more appropriate for a property or a meta collection?

If you could provide examples of when one would be more appropriate than the other, that would be greatly appreciated.


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 Hi Chris

Properties can be added to Virtual Goods, Achievements, and Leaderboards. So if the information is the config of one of these objects than properties are good or it you want a virtual good and achievement to share information.

Meta collections can be accessed via cloud code and changes can be made via noSQL.

Meta collections are good for general game config that doesn't change very much.for example if you games uses a REST call to an external url, this can be keep in a meta collection , so if the url changes you only need to change it in one place and don't have to go into every script that use's it.



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