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Does events from GS Listeners counts towards 5000 per MAU API call limit?


I would like to know whether events received by hooking client on listeners like "TeamChatMessage.Listener" counts toward the API call limit specified by Fair Usage Policy.

If they do, does that mean for example: I have a Team of 30 people and one of them sends Message to his Team. This fires 30 events on clients, one for each member of the team... 30 API calls right there? That would mean that just "chatting" in a team is very heavy on this API call limit. Am I right?

Why I am asking is that I would like implement a feature in my game where teams and their message system is used to create temporal group of people who attacks a Creature. The messaging system is used to share damage done by each member. Once the Creature is dead, team is disbanded. 

There will be like 15-60 damage entries (in total from all members of a team together) of "damage done" messages in the team and the average team could have like 5-30 members. Also player who is active could fight as many as 5-10 Creature fights a day. So I am worried if this approach - by using teams and their message system, is not too heavy on your service.



Hi Jan,

Player messages do count towards the API limit. While your system would work each player message would count here. One way to reduce this would be to make sure that you are only sending messages to specific players and not all of the team members. You could also use a challenge leaderboard to handle this and only have the relevant online playing players within it. Then if a player leaves the challenge less messages will be sent. Does that make sense ?



Hi, thanks for the clarification. It is tempting to use challenges + leaderboards for this but the problem with challenges is that once the challenge is in "RUNNING" state, no more players could find or join the challenge :( And only if the state is "RUNNING" the players could post scores to leaderboards through LogChallengeEvents which would in return trigger the ChallengeChangedMessage.

But none of this is possible in my case as I need players to join challenges which are already in progress. Therefore I would had to pass damages done by players as script data and then send custom messages so the whole challenges concept is no longer that useful I guess.

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