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Google+ in TestHarness - where is access code?


I tried to setup Google Play service to enable Google+ login, and spend so much time on it... This tutorial is not actual and got incorrect screenshots and steps by most points. Please, make it more clear.

Anyway, somehow I did it, and checking 11 step:
"11. Get an access code using the method described in the relevant Google documentation above, then go to the Test Harness."

I can't understand what is that access code? I tried to enter app ID and OAuth2 Client ID but that doesn't work.
What exactly do I need here?

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Hi Romans,

We're currently reviewing this tutorial. Please bear with us while step through it. We'll post an update here for you when we have one.




any news about this?

I've a similar problem with GooglePlusConnectRequest. I managed to obtain access token and code using Google oauth2 REST apis and I tried to make different requests with both access token or code, but I always obtained an error with code "NOTAUTHENTICATED". I used "" for the redirectUri (the same I use for Android application which actually works).



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I am having the same issue posted above by Sacchi. I am trying to authenticate using the access token I received from the Google APIs but the Gamesparks response keeps coming back as "NOTAUTHENTICATED". Any updates? Seems like the documentation has been out of date and no one has provided any updates here in the support section either. 


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