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Platform Release 2017-06-27

Hi Everyone,

We've yet another release for you today! This one focusses on UI updates and improvements to ensure your workflows continue to be smooth, consistent, and comfortable. Here are the details:

Story --- The tooltip on Analytics charts that allow you to read-off values at data points are now limited to a maximum of 10 items. 15177

Bug --- An issue has been fixed that showed the current configured values for a 3rd party integrations when previewing a game config Snapshot. 15133

Story  --- The Debugger tool for testing Cloud Code has been improved for usability and now clearly indicates to users when a long-running script is running. Previously, nothing indicated that the debugger was waiting for the script to execute. 15087

Bug --- The Debugger tool now correctly saves breakpoints on a per-game basis when connecting. 15067

Bug  --- A useful message now shows when editing a custom Segment Query Filter to warn users that editing or removing a filter may invalidate any Segment Query that uses the Query Filter. 13581

Feature  --- The text label on your browser tabs now includes the name of the game you are working on, which is especially useful when you have multiple tabs open in your browser for different games. 15023

Bug  --- When editing the Geographical Setup of your game, the Geo Restrictions list of countries is now in true ascending alphabetical order. 14751

Bug --- Some stray fields that appeared to be editable when previewing a game Snapshot have now been properly disabled for Snapshot preview mode. 11069

Bug --- If you add a second identical Collector to a Running Total, a warning now appears.  10115

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