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Multiple Gamesparks API


So I recently started to try and integrate the gamesparks stuff into our project. I started with the sdk and it all went fine. Then I tried to do bring in the leaderboard tutorial and had multiple versions of the gamesparks API spread over several folders, somehow and a lot of other stuff. Tried to delete the offending files but this in turn lead to multiple red errors that I literally had no patience to rectify them so I just undid the leaderboard files.. 

So I'm back to square one and no closer to having a login and or leaderoard system. Can someone enlighten me on what is the best sequence for integrating the gamesparks stuff? Is it best to import tutorials after the sdk or recreate them from scratch after importing the sdk. 

I'm thinking that it wont make a difference as the leaderboard tutorial files are conflicting with the sdk files no matter which order I try to add them to the project. 


Hi Warren,

What SDK are you using?

Where did you get the leaderboard tutorial from,Was it our docs?

Can you link me to the page.



Asset store SDk -!/content/78351

Gamesparks tutorial -

Once I iport the leaderboard tutorial there are extra gamesparks api and oher folders in the "plugins" folder. if I delete them as the error tip suggests 5 errors pop up relating to the BasePlatform script. I considered renaming the new api script and the others but no idea what other scripts would be dependant on the naming conventions and or assignments in the scenes. 

Cheers for hte help

To add both of the files were upgraded to 5.6.1 unity and no errors occurred after upgradign. Errors only happened after importing the leaderboard tutorial

Hi Warren

Can you explain the process you used to import the project into your project?

Could you try opening  the leaderboard project in Unity 5.6.1 and then adding the scenes and scripts to your own project.



As I said above I upgraded the sdk and the leaderboard tutorial already as we are using 5.6.1. After I opened the upgraded leaderboard tutorial I exported it as package and then imported it into our project resulting in multiple versions of the gamesparks api and other scripts with the same names.

Directly copying the scenes and scripts and or folder structure has the exact same outcome as importing a unity package. The folder structure in the sdk is different from the leaderboard tutorial and crucial scripts to each have the same names by the looks of it. 

if you open the sdk in an empty project and import the leadeboard tut you'll see what i mean. I was hoping to avoid complications like this. Sadly my luck is never that good ^_^

If the gamesparks scripts that show up in the plug ins folder are meant to over write the old ones in the main gamesparks folder then that's problem solved? But I've no idea what that would do, hence why I'm on here


Anything that has a blue circle on it means the folders have altered and the collab needs to be updated. Which means tonnes of stuff is being changed

Hi Warren,

Delete the "GameSparks" and "Plugins" folder from the example project. Then install the latest SDK from here. You'll avoid any errors if you do it this way. We'll look into getting the examples updated to the latest SDK but you can do this yourself for now. Make sure to make note of the examples projects API Key & Secret so you can add them back in after you add the new SDK. Try that and let us know if it works for you.



Ok thanks, I'll give it a bash. 

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