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Platform Release 2017-06-22

Hi Everyone,

Not a huge list of updates for this release but we've made some much sought-after changes, such as the capability for a single player to initiate a Match. Here's what we have for you today:

Bug --- A new getCookies method has been added to the SparkHTTPResponse which returns cookie headers in the response as an array. 15155

Story  --- You can now set the minimum players at 1 when configuring a Match, which allows a single player to initiate a Real-time Match without having to go through the Match-Making process. Other players can then join the Match through the MatchMakingRequest. 15095

Bug  --- Game Currencies are now available for SparkConfig, SparkVirtualGood, and  SparkAchievement 15099

Bug  --- API Docs pages for LeaderboardsEntriesRequest and GetLeaderboardEntiresRequest have been updated to remove incorrect reference to the Results parameter. 13733

Bug  --- The API Docs page for CreateChallengeRequest has been updated to clarify just when the End Time parameter is required in the request. 15127

Bug  --- An error has been fixed which could occur when a player submitted a request using sendAs another player. 15199

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