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Oculus authorisation for GS!?


I am making a VR game that is going to Oculus as a first platform but I then plan to follow up with a Steam version after some time.

I am looking at using GS for some of my backend tasks like storing player data and leaderboards.

I believe that there is currently no Oculus authorisation 'forwarding' (sorry I don't know the technical term)?

I can't have my players having to login to a second platform just to play my game so I was wondering if anyone knew how I could get around this problem?

I don't want to store any passwords on the server.

Does anyone know if this is a feature that is going to be added to GS in the near future?



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Gentle bump. I'll do this once only.

Hi Fredrik

We currently provide authentication for social platforms and game accounts.

As far as I an aware Oculus does not have a  player account system as it is an add on to what you are playing the game on(steam,ps4,xbox)

What platforms are you building your game for?

If you have a link to any documentation by Oculus on a player account system can you link it here and we will review if this will be a future feature




Hi and Thanks for replying!

Oh yes they have a platform api and their own Steam like platform, Oculus Home/Store it's called.

Here's a web page to start looking at;

The majority of Oculus owners buy their game through Oculus store as from what I can tell.

I'm building primarily for Oculus Store to start with but I then 6-12 months later plan to also get onto Steam and have cross Oculus-Steam multiplayer functionality.

It sounds like you probably won't have an Oculus auth in place for my first release so I will have to find an intermediate solution.

Do you know a method of securely doing an automatic server coded auth forwarding that I could use in the meantime?

I don't want to store passwords on a server as that would be pretty unsafe.



i am also interested to hear about that.
any comment from GS support?

Hi all

This has been added to the feature request backlog.



Hi, I'd also like to include Oculus into my game. Are there any news regarding the integration Thank you!
I also want this.

Hi, is there any update on this issue? We would like to use the Oculus Store to publish our game. What is the recommended way to do it right now? Should i just use the AuthenticationRequest based on Oculus store specific parameter?

Kind regards


Hi Florian,

there seems to be no progress in this topic at all, I asked the same 2 years ago already.

I've not included the Oculus SDK yet but there should be a way to read the username in Unity / Unreal, right?


unfortunately there seems to be no progress and no reply from Gamespark. We setteld on doing a Steam Version first now. You can get the user from the unity oculus sdk, so you should be able to authenticate with Gamespark some way or another.


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