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ListMessageRequest what to include?


new ListMessageRequest ()
			.SetInclude ("ChallengeChatMessage")
			.Send ((response) => {
				string currentChallengeId = GlobalInfo.GetInstance ().currentChallenge.challengeId;
				foreach(GSData msg in response.MessageList) {
					string challengeId = msg.GetGSData("challenge").GetString ("challengeId");
					if( challengeId == currentChallengeId ) {
						PushMessage (msg.GetString ("who"), msg.GetString ("message"));


GS: RECV:{"@class":".ListMessageResponse","error":{"include":"UNSEEN"},"requestId":"636332980729564990_5"}

There is not a single line anywhere on what are the string keys for SetInclude. How should it be coded?

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Hi Andrea,

Currently you can only use the "UNSEEN" filter in that field. The ListMessageRequest will by default only return un-dismissed messages. To return a list of un-dismissed messages you can simply send the request like this.


  "@class": ".ListMessageRequest",

  "entryCount": 20


You can also use the UpdateMessageRequest to set a custom status for any message. You can then use the "status" field in ListMessageDetailRequest to return a list of messages that match the custom status. If you have any further questions just let us know. 



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