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cannot read bool value in event response data


when populating a leaderboard with a GetLeaderboardDataRequest, i also check if the opponents in the leaderboard are online.

To do so i created an event which contain the following custom code:


//set the player id (sent with request by client)
var playerId = Spark.getData().playerid;

//will return true or false
var player = Spark.loadPlayer(playerId)
var online = player.isOnline();

//var state = Spark.getData().scriptData[online]; 

 but i get the following response error message:

cannot read property "false" of undefined

False(or True) is the correct value i am expecting but i am not sure how to pass it as a bool value and then have a response without errors.



I don't see a boolean here that would be run except in online. What line is the debugger complaining about ? Step through it.

I solved changing:

var state = Spark.getData().scriptData[online];


Spark.setScriptData("isonline", online) 

I can now do a GetBoolean("isonline") and check its status in unity and the result is simply TRUE or FALSE.

Is this the right approach?

Yes, that is correct.

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