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Multiplayer Debugging UE4


I'm trying to debug matchmaking in UE4, but I have a problem.

With the UE4 editor I start 2 games (not auto connecting to each other, so there is 1 game mode per player), then I log in with each game and then I do a MatchmakingRequest with each game.

The problem is that the second login overwrites the first one, so both game windows use the same player.

Is there a way to prevent that?

I stumbled upon this thread:

I don't need local multiplayer in my game, but I need a fix for local multiplayer debugging.

Is there an easier solution for my problem? If not, is there a tutorial or potential support for this?

Best regards

Hi Jan,

The problem with using multiple clients per editor is that the GameSparks module has a socket connection to the backend. The socket connection uses the Unreal World to make sense of what goes in and out and how things are recieved and sent via this websocket.

When a player fires the authentication request the GameSparks can't tell the difference between who is sending it because all of them belong to the same UWorld sending it from the same Websocket. That websocket belongs to the device, if the device has multiple clients then unfortunately GameSparks cannot tell.

The way we test our Multiplayer here is by using multiple editors. I advice that you disable background optimisation for your editor when switching between two editors otherwise you'll see some funny results with GameSparks. To do that Editor Preferences -> General -> Misc -> CPU Background check box

Hope this helps,


That's what I've been doing now.

Thanks for the answer and the hint with the CPU background.

Best regards


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