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Leagues and Divisions, null Response

I've been trying to replicate this tutorial :

I don't know if this matters, I've named my
Global Leaderboard to ldr_Global (since tutorial doesn't give us a name) and
Divison Leaderboard to division.

Thing is, in my TestHarness I can register or authenticate players properly and get an Auth Token.
But when I run the event EndGame in Harness (with score properly set), I get a null response :

{"@class": ".LogEventResponse" }

It should at least go to event_placement and setScriptData("placementScore", score)
But no such data is created.

I don't create segments : league in RegistrationRequest(), like this on Player Connect

var playerID = Spark.getPlayer().getPlayerId(); 
var displayName = Spark.getPlayer().getDisplayName(); 
if(Spark.getPlayer().getScriptData("Registered")=== null) 
Spark.getPlayer().setSegmentValue("league", "placement");

                                                                                                 // I've made a mirror for my runtime here
"playerID" : playerID,
"displayName" : displayName,
"userName" : Spark.getPlayer().getUserName()                           //lazzy code...,
"segments": Spark.getPlayer().getSegmentValue("league")          //same

   Spark.getPlayer().setScriptData("Registered", true); } 

if(Spark.getPlayer().getScriptData("Registered"=== true))
{ //Do returning user stuff }


PS: I can see in my system.players collection that segments is properly set to league : "placement" 

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2Hours to realize I can't cal an event inside another event in cloud code. I need to parse score from Unity to event_EndGame with GameSparks.Api and then parse the same variable into event_Placement . Is this right? And if so, why do I need this code in cloud scripting?


var request = new SparkRequests.LogEventRequest();

    request.eventKey = "event_Placement";
    request.score = score;


 I just don't understand what's the point :/ I don't trust the client to handle score, so i have to tweek the code and do some game logic in a module (since events doesnt run on events) is this right?

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