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ue4 android- always sends wrong MatchmakingRequest body

on android,  whenever i am sending a  GS MatchmakingRequest , it always sending this : 

"@class": ".MatchmakingRequest",
 "matchGroup": "group1",
 "matchShortCode": "MULTI_MCH",
 "requestId": "1497112646_6"

but from windows  same  GS MatchmakingRequest  sends  this:


    "@class":   ".MatchmakingRequest",
    "matchGroup":   "group1",
    "matchShortCode":   "MULTI_MCH",
    "skill":    18,
    "requestId":    "1497116723_49"

so in Android it always missing:

 "skill": 18,

as a reuslt the rsponse always this in android:

UGameSparksModuleLog: WebSocket callback: {"@class":".MatchmakingResponse","error":{"skill|action":"Must provide one of skill|action"},"requestId":"1497112646_6"}

is this an android specific bug ?

Hi Ahsan,

Is this still happening?



i have stopped working on that because of these issues with ue4 plugin of gamesaprk. 
 ue 4.15 and 4.16's gamesaprk plugin is totally broken. 
so cannot answer you for now .
  i Will inform you if i again continue to work on Gmaespark for Android.

Hi Ahsan,

How is the plugin broken? Giving us feedback will help us fix it for you and other devs.



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