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Cloud Scripting

I've been loking through the tutorials.

In this Cloud Scripting one :

We are setting the Gold from Unity Client to 100, but what i want, is to make a script in the Cloud to setGold = 100, and then cal that Script from the Client.

I don't trust the Client to set the value of Attributes.

Is it possible to do what I pretend?

Hi Flávio,

One option here might be to validate the attribute first with Cloud code, so for example if you know that the max value can't exceed 100 then you could perform a simple if statement to readjust it back down to the max value or to cancel the entire operation as you know someone has attempted to cheat. If however its a default value that everyone gets when the event is called you could specify the value in a meta / runtime collection or inline rather than have the value passed in as an attribute from the client. I hope this helps.

Kind regards,

 - Steve

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Thank you for your response. What I really wanted to do is this cloud script.

var playerDataList = Spark.runtimeCollection("playerData"); // this will get the collection of player data

var playerID = Spark.getPlayer().getPlayerId(); // first we get the id of the current player //

var playerUsername = Spark.getPlayer().getDisplayName();

var currencie = Spark.getPlayer().getBalance("GOLD");

Spark.getPlayer().credit("GOLD", 25, "Test Currencies");

var currentPlayer = {

"playerUsername": playerUsername,

"playerID": playerID,

"currencies": currencie };

playerDataList.update({ "playerID": playerID },

{ "$set": currentPlayer }, true,     false );

And then call this Event on Unity :

new GameSparks.Api.Requests.LogEventRequest() .SetEventKey("SAVE_PLAYER") .Send((response) => { ....

Your documentation is the best! :D

Is this safe to do, or can a cheater just call the function over and over to Grant them gold?

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