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What can be done Multiplayer in GameSparks

Hello there, I'm new to Gamesparks.

I'm a Unity user, and I was wondering what can be done in GameSparks without the need to use UnityNetworking or Photon.

Only Turn-Based games, or can we make Real-time games aswell?
Does GameSparks have their own servers? Costs.. etc...

I've tryed another company's platform (PlayFab) , and i know matchmaking can be done without the need of photon , and we can upload our own servers and they'll host it.

Unfourtunatly their documentation is not very "Starter Friendly" , and Looking through your documentation I think you guys have a better learning curve for backend starters like me.

I haven't found any vídeo tutorials though. If there are any basic tutorials feel free to point those out :)

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I can't edit topic and forgot to ask.

We can only implement 1vs1 PvP multiplayer. Or is it possible aswell to create a room were user can enter and battle each other, like for exemple, or even 2v2 3v3 battles.

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