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Platform Release 2017-06-06

Hi Everyone,

This week's release mainly addresses usability issues. It also brings in a very helpful new workflow feature for when you create new Events directly on the Cloud Code page. Here's the details:

Bug --- A bug has been fixed which caused an error to be returned for a BuyVirtualGoodsRequest when running an Experiment that varied the currency cost for a Virtual Good. 15007

Bug --- An informative error now shows when users attempt an invalid edit on a MongoDB document in NOSQL Explorer. Previously no error showed to warn the user. 14987

Bug --- When you add a custom JavaScript to a Segment Query, the editor now gives autocomplete suggestions as you enter your script. 14933

Bug  --- Experiment results are now showing consistently for all users. 14967

Bug --- A PUT of an entire game is now allowed. When this is used, the entire game config is properly updated and any extra-over data that are residual from earlier game config PUTs are cleared out. 13569

Feature --- When you create an Event directly from the Cloud Code Scripts panel, the Cloud Code editor immediately opens a tab for that new Event. 463

Bug  --- The ListVirtualGoodsRequest now properly shows the currency costs defined for Virtual Goods. 15015