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Supplemental Attributes


I would like to make use of the supplemental attributes but I have a problem with the setup.

- Aggregation type: I can only choose minimum and NOT minimum or equal

- Timestamp: There seems currently not to be a build in functionality to decide weather to keep the last submitted score or the first submitted score in case they are equal.

Building on below example from your website blog.

I would like in my scenario to be able to have {time: 100, weather:”wet”}  as the leaderboard entry, since it is the LAST best score (not the first best score) ----

If your player submits the score:

{time: 100, weather:”sunny”}


{time: 100, weather:”wet”}

The final entry in the leaderboard will be {time: 100, weather:”sunny”}. This is because the player’s time has not altered and so the game’s Leaderboard has not refreshed.

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