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Realtime Script Caching


I'm having an issue with UE4 matchmaking and realtime script global variable caching.

It appears that in consecutive matches between the same players, the global variables are not reset.  The first match starts up just fine, and when each player leaves the match, I call RTSession.Stop() in UE4.  When I rematch those players, the variables appear to not reset as the match does not start up correctly.

Do I need to call Gamesparks.Disconnect() and then Connect() to truly end the session in order for the variables to reset?  Or do I need to find a way in my RTScript to reset the global variables after a match has been completed in case the same players are matched up again?

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Please disregard this.

Global variables are correctly reset.  My own variables in my game however were not properly resetting after a match which made it look like the GS variables were always cached and never reset.

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