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in test harness it always showing code that does not exist anymore

it has been almost 2 hour since i have changed my  AuthenticationResponse and AuthenticationRequest 

but still, in test harness, it keeps showing me old code that does not exist anymore.

i am stuck and waiting for the replay. so can anybody plz lookinto the issue asap. thanks

It takes a few moments for cloud code changes to go live, I wouldn't consider this a bug.

Hi Ashan,

Christopher is correct here. You'll need to wait a few moments for the code to update. It should happen pretty quickly. Are you still seeing this behavior ? 


Liam was not.i waited for 3 hour and still was showing me old codes.
the problem was fixed 5 hours later. since than everything seems ok.

anyway, i am now stuck into a new problem. this one:
Still no answer.
can any of u take a look into it ?

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