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how to rejoin a real-time match after disconnect?

Hi community,

Any idea how to rejoin rejoin a real-time match after disconnect like Dota2 Reconnect?

And one more question: How do i upgrade my account to indie/student account?

I sent my request to upgrade, sent my ticket to gamesparks, but I didn't get any response from Gamesparks :(

Hi Hjupter Cerrud,

                   I have tried to reload real-time match as you explain above. I have an issue in that. As I save and get "MatchFoundMessage" of last played match. Now when I reload the match its start the session again, even match was played 1 day before. Can you tell me why is this happening. Have you place any checks?

Aaaaa, thank you, Hjupter

Now I got it, Could GameSparks team mark it as answer?

But please dont close topic, my account still didn't get any upgrade.

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Hi Hu~u Ða?o,

When my player authenticates I get the last match information (if has not expired yet ofc) then I convert that GSData into a MatchFoundMessage like this:

var match = new MatchFoundMessage(data.GetGSData("lastMatch")); 

then just connect to the session as I would normally do using when receive a MatchFoundMessage event.

my email:

Please check it again

Thank you.

Hi Liam and Hjupter,

but which API allow me rejoin a match? Because I just know MatchMakingRequest, FindPendingMatch, JoinPendingMatch?

And my access token which i got from MatchFoundMessage, what is it doing?

I applied request 4 days ago, but i didnt receive any email or response from you :(

Could you tell me why?


The solution provided by Hjupter is a valid one but if you'd like to go into more details about your requirements just let us know. As for the Indie application, can you let me know when you applied for this please ? 



You can store the match data in your player private data or script data and if your player authenticates again and have that information then -rejoin the match. This is what I'm doing for a current project and works like a charm but Im also ending the match after few seconds when one of the players disconnects and if doesnt reconnect whitin that time.

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