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Unit Cloud Building fails with GameSparks SDK.


All my builds fails in Unity Cloud Build when I added GameSparks SDK in Unity project.

Unity 5.6.1f1 (2860b30f0b54) (last available)

GameSparks SDK (last available)

I build for win32 platform. When I build in Unity on my PC - everything works. When I build in Unity Cloud - got errors CS0234 The type or namespace name `some class' does not exist in the namespace `some namespace` 45 times.

Firstly, I thouth that my git ignores some required files. But when I clone project to another PC - everything works and nothing misses. It's confused me...

Attach full and compact logs from Unity Cloud Build service.

(318 KB)

Problem was in BitBucket LFS extension. Unity Cloud cannot download LSF files for repository by hooks on commits.
This is main topic about Unity Build Cloud with BitBucket LFS.


Hi Ivan,

Glad to hear you got this working. Thanks for sharing the solution.



Solution in 2 lines:
Add ur SSH key from Unity Cloud Build not in reposity keys, but in team or ur profile.
LFS cannot get access from reposity, required access to ur team or personal profile.


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