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Platform Release 2017-05-26

Hi Everyone,

We're here again - indefatigably - with another platform release. The highlight for this release is the capability to create and configure your own custom currencies for your games:

Story --- A cookie banner now shows when users first log into the portal. 14961

Bug --- Several issues with the Cloud Code Debugger tool have been fixed: numeric keys in JS Objects are now properly evaluated; local variables are exposed for debugging function calls; stepping IN and OUT when debugging now behaves correctly. 14961

Bug --- The Cloud Code Scheduler is no longer limited to 24 days. 14935

Bug --- Some permissions issues have now been fixed for consistency when performing API calls. 14819

Story --- Responses sent from the platform are now limited in size and an error is posted to the script.log if these limits are exceeded. 14743

Story --- Segmentation on Property Sets is now done using Segment Queries in line with segmentation generally across the portal. 13289

Feature --- You can now create and configure custom currencies for your games as configurable objects, which can be referenced programmatically using their Short Code. 12939

Bug --- Scenarios with special characters in their name can now be consistently saved and deleted . 14787

Story  --- When switching games, users are no longer shown target game pages before the switch completes. 14625

Feature --- You can now query the Analytics API Stream for requests that failed. 14453

Bug --- For existing games, when segmenting game currencies all enabled currencies show immediately in the segment panel. 13879

Bug  --- A failure when attempting to copy or revert a game snapshot now shows an informative message to users. 14831

Bug --- The Team Types listing now shows a consistent text for the Mandatory/Optional Max Ownership Per User setting. 14653

Bug --- An issue with the Cloud Code editor autocomplete failing when "this" was entered has now been fixed. 14733

Bug --- The NoSQL Create Collection dialog now shows the correct Spark methods to be used to create runtime and meta collections 14871

Bug --- An issue with cloud code/snippet code/screen code where changing from light to dark theme UI could make it appear that some code lines had been lost has been addressed. 14949