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team battle as challenge

Helló! I would like to create a team battle were there is a boss and all the team members can hit any amount on it at any time they want. The goal of course is to beat the boss and rewards will be distributed amongst the participants based on their level and hit contributions. Is this possible somehow using a challenge and locks in cloud code with some database registration of the hits? Or maybe I should try other ways like the Real-Time sdk?


A challenge leaderboard might suit your needs here. Team members would be able to submit a score (hit) via an event that will trigger a ChallengeChangedMessage with the latest score. When this hits 100 (for example) the challenge is over and the boss would be dead. At the end you could hand out your rewards based on what each player has submitted. Does that sound like it might work for you here ? 



Hi! Sounds allright, I'll try it in the weekend and get back with an update. Thank you!
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