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Sending array of Arrays of ints

Hello there!

I am a bit confused with how to create a certain type of event log using unity. I have a challenge event named SEND_SOLUTION that requires a weird data type under the field "tileIds" . What it needs is basically an array of arrays of ints (example in just a second). I can create the request perfectly using the test harness, but unity seems to be giving me problems.

In the test harness, here is what I send...


  "@class": ".LogChallengeEventRequest",

  "eventKey": "SEND_SOLUTION",

  "challengeInstanceId": "5924a43357645105983dd396",

  "tileIds": [[23,22,21],[21,32,31,30],[30,45,46]]


Notice the format of "tileIds", it is a bit weird, but when sent this way, it works.

my problem is that I can't re-create this in unity.


when this request is created, it's JSON looks like this:


Notice that there is now quotes around the value of "tileIds" ... Now, my cloud code reads that as a string, and can't parse the data correctly.

Can someone give me a hand? I am a bit stuck.

thank you for your time!

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