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Steam Authentication Timeouts

There is something I've been noticing as I've been working to integrate GameSpark with our game while also working with Steam. Sometimes, when trying to perform a Steam authentication request, I'll get a error back from GameSpark's servers saying that the Steam request timed-out.  

Is there anything I can do to minimize these timeouts? Or are they just a fact of life when it comes with trying to use Steam as a means authentication? 

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Hi Jesse,

This would be a Steam related issue. If we don't get a response from them the request will time out after a period. How often is this happening ?



It is happening fairly frequently. Though I don't have any hard numbers to back it up, I'd say about 50% of our login attempts using Steam are resulting in the timeout error. To give a little more context, in the function where we perform our GameSpark authentication we do the following:

1) We request an AuthSessionTicket from Steamworks.
2) We convert the AuthSessionTicket into a hex string
3)  We wait 1 second. It may seem arbitrary, but since we don't know what Steams AuthSessionTicket function involves, I wanted to wait to give it time to populate anything.
4) We then make the SteamConnectRequest

Hey we're getting the same thing!

Steam API is a bit wonky. They actually have a hidden 350ms anti-spam timeout.

GameSparks will currently sit for the full 30 seconds waiting for the POST to respond, then timeout the entire script.

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