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Facebook Connect Request and COPPA

On my registration page, users have to toggle on a checkbox that says they are above the COPPA age limit. No Registration request or Facebook Connect request can be triggered if the toggle is off.

However on the login page (which would not have the COPPA  age toggle): if a user Log Ins with Facebook and does not actually have an account, it will Register them. Letting them slip the COPPA check.

Is there a way to cancel a registration triggering from Facebook Connect Request?

Well Facebook requires users to be 13, which I've seen many large game companies use instead of an age gate, so presumably if they log in with a Facebook account, you aren't responsible.


You could attach some scriptData with each request that would essentially let you know if the toggle was on or not at the time of the request being sent. Then check for it in the FacebookConnectRequest or RegistrationRequest Cloud Code script and handle it accordingly. 


var value = Spark.getData().scriptData.value

if (value == "notSet"){
Spark.setScriptError("error", "toggle not set");


This will exit the request and not create a new user. You can also set COPPA compliance on a credential level. You can read more about this here.



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