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Platform Release 2017-05-17

Hi Everyone,

This release is smaller in number but brings in a very useful feature for fine-tuning your Segment Query filtering using custom JavaScript. Here's what we have for you this time:

Bug --- An issue that caused the Cloud Code Debugger to freeze for NaN, +Infinity, or -Infinity has been addressed. 14841

Bug  --- Games with many large meta-collections could fail when creating new snapshots - this has now been fixed. 14803

Bug  --- Queries submitted through NoSql Explorer now timeout after ten seconds. 11821

Bug --- Tag duplication issues when saving a tag with quotes that you've added to a virtual good have been addressed. 14785

Feature  --- You can now add custom JavaScript to the rules you've defined for a Segment Query and use it to fine-tune the query filtering for the players you want in the segmentation that uses the query.  14313