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Docs, Examples and Tutorial Requests!

Here at GameSparks we aim to provide tutorials to match the needs of our customers and while we have an extensive range in the GameSparks Learn section of our site, we're always looking to add and improve upon this collection!

I started a post a while ago about community features you'd like to see (which had some awesome feedback from you all!) but now I'd like to focus on the docs and tutorials side of things.

- What would you like to see added to this part of the site? 

- What did you look for before and couldn't find, but think it would be beneficial for us to have for future users or your own reference?

- Is there something you think needs to be elaborated on or changed to make it clearer for the users?

We want to hear from you, the users. At GameSparks we love feedback and appreciate all suggestions you send our way. 

When posting suggestions, please try to be as clear as possible about what it is you're looking for or if there's a particular area of something you'd like us to focus on.

Thanks everyone!


GameSparks Community Manager

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It would be great to see more documentation and tutorials on analytics. The analytics part of GameSparks seems powerful, if one would get a bit of help understanding how to utilize it. It'd be good to go over a few common questions in game analytics. For instance:

  • What percentage of all players completed the first 7 levels?
  • How many times did players have to play level 5 before they completed it?
  • How many sessions do players have, on average?
  • How long are the sessions on average?

In general, I really think that the quality of the existing documentation and tutorials need to shape up. It's all over the place, with identifiers changing name throughout the text, different code style between almost every code snippet, mismatching screenshots, and a tutorial flow that goes back and forth between screens.

GameSparks has great potential, but it needs some work to seem cohesive.

Best of luck,


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Hi Jonas!

Thank you for taking the time reply! You suggestions of questions for us to address are greatly appreciated. I shall pass them onto the team. 

Thank you also for your feedback about the current docs and tutorials, the team is always working to improve these and ensure they read smoothly for users. While we go through these ourselves, I would encourage any reader who finds a discrepancy in a doc or tutorial to please let also us know in the comments section so we can address it asap. 

Thanks again,


Would be great to have more Unity examples there are very very few. The tic tac toe example was great to understand challenges etc but now its gone.

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Hi Hjupter!

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I shall pass the suggestion of more unity examples and a replacement for the tic-tac-toe game to the team!

Thank you for your feedback!


oh, could i also get the tic tac toe example? Is it include cloud code example?
thank you

Maybe its just me, but manual matchmaking still seems pretty confusing. Perhaps a tutorial on how to make a team vs team match using Manual matchmaking (ie team of 3 matched with another team of 3 where the team's average skill level is around the same as the other team's, for a balanced match).

@Christopher I understand what you mean, shall add that tutorial suggestion to our list, thank you for the feedback! 

@Hu~u Unfortunately due to misuse of the example we had to take it down. However we'll be looking into finding a replacement for it. 

Side note: Have you guys ever given though to allowing the community to draft up tutorials to use in the docs ?


Hi Christopher,

Great question. This is actually a big part of our plan for when the new community page is launched. We'll have a dedicated section where users can submit examples and guides. A member of the support team will review them and give them the GameSparks seal of approval. Then, other users will see this and know that they are guides they can apply to their own configurations.



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Sounds nice .. is there an ETA for the new community page as of yet ?


RPG Style for unity would be great to help people understand how to save/load data with GameSparks etc

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A lot of the tutorials now are outdated and/or have incorrect information in them. I would be nice to have them updated. In particular any that involve  currencies. I've just started, and it seems your moving  away from static currency 1-6 to a new currency model. The only problem is a lot of the information is incorrect or doesn't work in the api examples that involve currency

I like the idea of the community page. would it be possible to have a section for Dynamic forms  templates we could upload or download ?.


I just registered and looked over the tutorial list and game engine integration (I use Unity). I have to say, after watching videos and reading the info I still am not clear as to what this product provides. Is it similar to Photon Networking? Are all communications and synchronization between multiplayer clients handled by Gamesparks? I think a clear overview is needed as to what Gamesparks actually does. If I have an existing Unity game and I want to integrate Gamesparks later, is that possible? There's a lot of information missing. Start with a clear overview and drill down to the technical details in subsequent tutorials. That's my suggestion. Sorry for the negative feedback. I'm interested, otherwise I wouldn't have registered.Just want to know more.

@Peter, you can get a pretty decent idea of what the platform can do by reading through the API


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