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Docs, Examples and Tutorial Requests!

Here at GameSparks we aim to provide tutorials to match the needs of our customers and while we have an extensive range in the GameSparks Learn section of our site, we're always looking to add and improve upon this collection!

I started a post a while ago about community features you'd like to see (which had some awesome feedback from you all!) but now I'd like to focus on the docs and tutorials side of things.

- What would you like to see added to this part of the site? 

- What did you look for before and couldn't find, but think it would be beneficial for us to have for future users or your own reference?

- Is there something you think needs to be elaborated on or changed to make it clearer for the users?

We want to hear from you, the users. At GameSparks we love feedback and appreciate all suggestions you send our way. 

When posting suggestions, please try to be as clear as possible about what it is you're looking for or if there's a particular area of something you'd like us to focus on.

Thanks everyone!


GameSparks Community Manager

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