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Docs, Examples and Tutorial Requests!

Here at GameSparks we aim to provide tutorials to match the needs of our customers and while we have an extensive range in the GameSparks Learn section of our site, we're always looking to add and improve upon this collection!

I started a post a while ago about community features you'd like to see (which had some awesome feedback from you all!) but now I'd like to focus on the docs and tutorials side of things.

- What would you like to see added to this part of the site? 

- What did you look for before and couldn't find, but think it would be beneficial for us to have for future users or your own reference?

- Is there something you think needs to be elaborated on or changed to make it clearer for the users?

We want to hear from you, the users. At GameSparks we love feedback and appreciate all suggestions you send our way. 

When posting suggestions, please try to be as clear as possible about what it is you're looking for or if there's a particular area of something you'd like us to focus on.

Thanks everyone!


GameSparks Community Manager

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This is often very helpful. Keep sharing this kind of a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing.  


<a href="">Cheapest dedicated</a>


to everyone looking for a well-rounded but still simple example project with matchmaking and simple game logic, you might like this:

It would be nice to see more activity by support staff on the forums.


I am finding really difficult to understand the architecture from the documentation 

Very few examples of Cloud code usage for example : -

I cant find how to create a custom match in cloud (Or if it is possible).

this link Matches gives me an overview of what match is, but how can I play around with it in cloud code, cant find.

How to add custom attributes to a Match. (if I can).

What is the execution sequences of script in a realtime multiplayer game.

There are examples of Unity/Unreal side of the game but how the cloud code execution is missing.

I can see that I can do tons of things in gamesparks but I need examples to refer. sorry for being a bit new to node js.


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Features that should be added to the Hearthstone tutorial:

  • Leaderboard
  • Chat
  • Turn Timer (automatically end player turn if they take longer than a set time)
  • ELO/skill matchmaking & increase/decrease ELO/skill when you win/lose a ranked match
  • In-app purchases
  • Handle challenge disconnects (wait a period of time to allow players to reconnect before automatically terminating the challenge)
  • Forfeit event (let players surrender a challenge)
  • Add friends (let players add friends to a persistent friend list)
  • Match statistics (let players request the server for their previous match data, such as the number of times they have won, lost, or drawn and to which players)
  • Video walk-through from start to finish implementing the game, step by step, and playing it demonstrating all features with the Test Harness.
With a very complete back-end game, developers can hook up to it using whatever front-end they desire.

Once the back-end example is complete, a separate front-end tutorial for various front-end clients such as Unity or JavaScript could be created. The front-end tutorial would allow developers to play the game via the front-end rather than the Test Harness. These implementations do not need to be a full-scale graphics game, as long as the code is there that lets us query all of the back-end features above, we can attach graphics and extra front-end code to them.

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Hi~~Clare, very nice to talk with you

     I`m a gamedeveloper from china, can you offer some examples of Cloud Code Events, It is really a big difficult to me, I just familiar with JavaScript。 I want to study the Cloud Code of gamespark,So that at least I can study some easy event by myself。    

  Thank you very much

Jack wang  Email


others baas , like photon, braincloud, etc, have a lot (or a few) examples in unity asset, but you dont have any one, would be like to download some examples to learn faster, hope you can do it to help a lot of people is trying to learn gamesparks.

Some people have recommended a Tic-Tac-Toe example, but if you've checked out your biggest competitor, they have a very comprehensive game project that shows lots of their features in action on a live app. It's hard to beat that for demonstrating the value of the service in concrete terms. GameSparks should really consider building something similar. Tic-Tac-Toe isn't sufficient, unless you add currencies, in-app purchases, and progression to it somehow. Unity has published several great examples games. Consider taking one and adding backend features to it as your showcase.

Your competitor also does a great job focusing on the live operations part of games as a service, which is a huge deal. I know that Gamesparks has some awesome features on par with those, but they are not visible to potential and existing customers. For example, the fully customizable dashboards and editors (admin screens) are insanely powerful, but I think most customers don't even realize what could be done with them because not enough attention is given to making that more obvious. At minimum, discuss use cases and help people imagine the possibilities (data mine your forums for frequently requested features and then write short articles about how you would approach solving them--you have a blog).

Another barrier is that we each have to build our own admin screens from scratch. That's non-trivial for many teams. You could offer a set of prebuilt admin screens that operate on a standardized DB structure. Those who need support for variations would at least have a functional starting point (and all the power to build it!), but a lot of others might have all they need without any extra work. Gamesparks' flexibility is a major attraction, but also a major weakness, because it presents a very steep learning curve. You are losing a lot of folks who would be happy using a less flexible but ready-made set of tools for common live-ops functionality.

As we've seen in this thread, people are interested, but the "big picture" offering isn't clear. There will be 10 or 20 or 50 others who don't comment but have similar intentions of trying it, but who never will. They might choose the competition instead. :(

Documentation and examples are not just to teach how to use APIs. They are also marketing tools! Treat them as such by giving them the resources necessary, and we will all win. :)

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I also would use some tutorials on building turn-based games, such as a simple chess with all the features with it; e.g. saving game data, loading previous games, etc.

Also I'd like to know how I can create a game in Javascript only, without the detailed Unity etc parts. A PHP / .net serverside tutorial would also be great, to retrieve game and user statistics to display on web, etc...
Definitely, many real situation tutorials would be very much appreciated. Of course, the API docs do help, but hey, the ability to go & build your own backend with it gives the joy. The building experience speaks more than words.

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I'd like to see a tutorial for Construct2 users that implements your entire tech stack. The sample project that is distributed with the Construct2 SDK is a good enough starting point. There is just nothing else available that hand-holds a new user through the process.

Also, the majority of Construct2 users that export to Android and iOS use a third party service called Cocoon ( I just took the sample project and ran it through their service and the Android apk was unable to start once it was on the device. If I strip out your plugin, the project runs just fine.

So I think another helpful area of tutorials for Construct2 users will be this specific topic...Construct2 -> Gamesparks -> Cocoon. 

Unity provides great free example projects in the Unity asset store, which are quite popular. I'm quite sure that gamesparks would gain a lot of new users fast if they provided the Tic-Tac-Toe or a similar example as a ready free Unity-project in the Unity assset store.

If it had some of the most common and valuable GameSparks features (such as device + Facebook + Google + GameCenter ) authentication + turn based multi-player + maybe saving player preferences / leaderboard and similar player data in the cloud, I'm sure it would be an eye opener for many.

Equally important would be to get updates to the project during when new major Unity releases get out. In case those require some code changes - which they often do, making 1y+ old assets often seem abandoned. Also, it should work on all/most of the platforms Unity and GameSparks support.

The only "downside" from a developer POV is that it would probably add many users and toughen the game competition further, by allowing more people to easily use GameSparks in their games. Probably not a downside for GS ;-)

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Hey Konstantin,


GameSparks does not use Dedicated Servers for its Real-time services. GameSparks runs off a PvP model, however we use a Host server to relay communications between players. You can learn more about our Real-time services here.


With regards to your question on Player Lobbies we have an in depth tutorial on Matchmaking and Lobbies.





Is it possible to use GameSpark as an Dedicated Server ?

So that I setup an MasterServer with Matchmaking on my own Server and then if a match is found a new GameServer Instance is started and the player gets connected to this one. And If the Game is finished it will close it an bring the Player back to the Lobby?
If so can you provide a tutorial how to do this in the Basic.

Kind Regards 

Konstantin Kühn

Hi all, thank you for your continued feedback and suggestions!

We value all feedback as it can help us grow to meet the needs of all our users so again, thank you!

We have no eta for the community page at the moment but we're working behind the scenes gathering feedback and looking at all the options for the GameSparks Community

In the mean time, if there are any questions you have about GameSparks or anything you're stuck on, please get in touch with the support team via the ticket system or the forums themselves.


I could really use an example project -- like the Tic-Tac-Toe example mentioned elsewhere -- including both client-side (Unity project) and server-side.  It should demonstrates a basic player registration, matchmaking and turn-by-turn game cycle.  A nice-to-have would be a friend's list.

That would help tremendously!!

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