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[Problem] Unity real-time SDK: How to I close a match?


I have successfully integrated Gamesparks Unity real time SDK. I can successfully matchmake players, start a match and send packets.  

But my question is regarding to: What should I do when a match is completed (ex. someone won)?
At the moment I call:


But this is maybe not the way of doing it? Because the problem I am facing is when I get to the networklobby and start to search for a new match again (on both clients), it start searching without any erros,. But I can't find a match. But if I exit the application and then re-open it, I can successfully find a match again.

Would appreciate any kind of help regarding how to "finish a match".


- Simon

Hi Simon, could you guide me approach for peerID 1 press start button and another players also get start like peerID 1? Like Gunbound game?

and how to i start a match with amount of player random? E.g: card game, they cant wait for 4 ppl, they can start with 3 ppl or 2 ppl, how can i let user do that?

And did you solve your close a match problem?

Thank you

same problem here


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