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Platform Release 2017-05-09

Hi Everyone,

With this release we've kept up the momentum in addressing usability issues to ensure your game development workflows are as smooth and amenable as possible. Here's what we have for you this week:

Bug  --- Unpublishing a Live Snapshot now works consistently. 14751

Story --- If you have published a game Snapshot to Live, a message now reminds you that you can no longer change the game's Region when you edit your game's Geographical Setup. 14575

Story --- If you edit your game's Geographical Setup to deny access to all countries, a message now warns you that no connections at all will be allowed to your game, which includes connecting through the Test Harness. 14563

Bug  --- Selections for game Integrations are now properly shown as saved without a page refresh being required. 14449

Feature  --- You can now use a new Spark.getClientIp() method in Cloud Code to return a player's IP address. 14633

Story --- The Preview/Live game stage switch now reliably maintains its state through page refresh. 1430

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