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Java SDK timeout responses

I'm using the current version of the Android/Java SDK ( 0.3.0 )

When request responses timeout, the response data only contains the requestId, and no further data.

Looking at the implementation of the GS class, the relevant method looks like it should be adding "error" and "timeout" to the data as a key-value pair, but that data is not included in the data returned by the method.


Here's the method, you can see that errorResponse is initialized, but is unused:


protected void cancelRequest(AbstractRequest<?> request){


  if (request.isDurable()) {




  Map<String,Object> errorResponse = new HashMap<>();

  errorResponse.put("error", "timeout");


  Map<String,Object> response = new HashMap<>();

  response.put("requestId", request.getBaseData().get("requestId"));






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