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UE4 Dedicated Server on GameLift reports WebSocket Error X509

Hey there,

I got a strange thing going on with GameSparks. I'm using your Plugin, despite the fact that I changed the "SceneComponent" to a "UObject", cause there is zero need for this to be a SceneComponent (ActorComponent would be the choice here) AND I want to have this in my GameInstance, so I made it a UObject.

After packaging and starting the Server on my own PC, everything works fine. Uploading the same files to the AWS GameLift Servers spams my log with this:

[2017.05.06-17.32.28:929][ 0]UGameSparksModuleLog: Received websocket error: X509 - Certificate verification failed, e.g. CRL, CA or signature check failed

[2017.05.06-17.32.28:930][ 0]UGameSparksModuleLog: Got websocket error. Please make sure, that you've setup you credentials.

[2017.05.06-17.32.28:930][ 0]UGameSparksModuleLog: Backing off for one seconds

[2017.05.06-17.32.29:958][ 31]UGameSparksModuleLog: Create new connection

And it doesn't stop. What causes this and how can I fix this?


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Hi Radu,

The steps are in Cedric's reply. Visiting the page installs the certificates, also using the console command :

"certmgr /add addtrustexternalcaroot.crt"

Will get it to work.



Thanks Omar, but bare with me a little. Where can i download this addtrustexternalcaroot.crt certificate from?

 Hey Radu,

I'm not an expert on Gamelift so I can't give you crystal clear info I'm afraid. However I did manage to find this from the Gamelift forum with the same issue raised by eXi:

"Given the cert chain for it looks like they're(GameSparks) using Comodo. They provide their certificate chains for download here:

You could try downloading the certs (I'm guessing ComodoSSL) and installing them with certmgr in the install.bat."

Is this enough to help you?


Hello Joonas,

can you please share the .cer files?

I got same problem, very few clients getting this error. 

@Ozan Onen: Sorry for the late reply. I had to delete my other response as I found out the two Starlight certificates were indeed unnecessary after all. All you need is the addtrustedexternalcaroot.crt certificate and install that for your GameLift server.

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