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Is it possible to have persistent guild chat feature in Gamesparks?

Is this possible in Gamesparks? What I would like to have is chat board for each guild where players can chat in realtime ( or fake realtime, for example that which each message player send or each 5 min. when he is not active the client will call server for updates in chat) also in the same time I want to be this chat persistent and history is store even when all guild-members gone offline.

In Playfab it is possible to use Photon chat for realtime chat, which is cool, but it is not persistent, and when all players leave the room the history of the Chat is gone. I could try to find out some workarounds like that the history of chat is occasionally saved to server but this is not clear solution.

How is Gamesparks viable for this?

Thanks for your support!


Hi Jan

It sounds like GameSparks teams would be perfect for this.

You can send a message to everyone in the team using SendTeamChatMessageRequest

To get message history for the team  you can use ListTeamChatRequest

Do you think this will suit your needs?



That looks perfect! Sorry for my laziness that I didn't find about it by myself as this is such an obvious feature of your service. I guess this convinced me to use your service for the next project!

but in this case i think there will be a problem with the maximum limit for requests per month 

if the team is talking much :D or not ?

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