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Real-time "Java heap space" FATAL error

My real-time game script just stopped working and in the logs it has a FATAL error with the message "Java heap space" which appeared the crash the script.

However the match associated with the real-time script still exists, and people can still join this drop-in drop-out match, even after the script has crashed.

After the match is found, the client tries to connect to the real time session, but, in the C++ library, just gets the following messages in the console:

TLS socket Error: NET - Reading information from the socket failed

Main Thread(0x1b25acb40) IRTSession:Not connected in time, retrying

over and over.

Two questions:

Is there any way to increase the amount of heap space allowed for real-time scripts?

Is there any way to, after having the real-time script crash, detect that somehow, and get rid of the match associated with it, so no one can try to join that match?

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This issue has been addressed so you hopefully shouldn't be seeing this error any more. Can you let us know the current status of these errors and if they stopped for you today ?



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