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double partioned leaderboards


I'm starting to implement leaderboards to my game.

I learned how to create them and retrieve them, including partioned leaderboards.

Now i'm trying to retrieve from double partioned leaderboards, let me explain...

example (race game):

I have a leaderboard  that stores time and carname.

So the player gets a good time and submits the time + carname to the leaderboard. This seems to post well.

Now i want to retrieve this info (in unity) wit:

new GameSparks.Api.Requests.LeaderboardDataRequest().SetLeaderboardShortCode("").SetEntryCount(100).Send((response) => {}

I figured this would retrieve the leaderboard from track:01 and Car: Delorean.

So basicly: a leaderboard from Deloreans on track 01.

Now this seems not to work because i'm getting a leaderboardShortcode: INVALID.

Can anyone please tell me how to do this ?

Best Answer
This is resolved.
It was a mistake on my end.


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This is resolved.
It was a mistake on my end.


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