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Adding new players to live experiments

I would like to be able to set the experiment so that when new players come in they would be automatically added to running experiments.(this can be done in cloud code)
This could be simple toggle in the first window of experiment creation.

Lets say we have experiment that mainly affects new players or splits them into separate tutorial flows.

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I'm going to vote for this, too. Experiments are pretty much useless to us without the ability to add new users into the test. We don't need to filter the Player Pool, just add new users to the % mix defined by the test.

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I would also like to see this!

I've been coordinating many experiments using other platforms, and new users has been the primary target. It's critical for us to be able to experiment and measure metrics throughout the new user funnel.



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Yup, this is what I need.

Hi Guys,

It's coming but I don't have a date for it at the moment I'm afraid. I'll post here when I have an update.



Hi, is there any movement on this? Or when we register a new user, can we manually put them a test variant? Even if we have to do the random split ourselves.

If I use Spark.getPlayer().setExperimentSegment() to add a player to a segment, does this include them in the measurements? if so, I can manually add new users with some jiggery pokery.

Hi Lasse,

 Thanks for logging this request. We'll run this by the dev team for you. We'll post feedback here after when we have some news for you.



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