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LogEventRequest in Real Time


I have an issue if I use RTSession.newRequest().createLogEventRequest(). 

I have the "NOTAUTHORIZED" error message. I'm supposed to create an account and use it to be able to call an event with the realtime system or there is another way to do this ?



oh! good to know then

Thank you for your help. In fact the key is just to set the player Id with :


the problm is not your script. the Not Authorized message is because you need an authentication request before being allowed to make your logeventrequest

I reply myself. You have to set a player id like this :

var request = RTSession.newRequest().createLogEventRequest();
//Important in RT scripts to manually set the playerId of the request before sending it
//If you don't do this your request will most likely fail with "NOTAUTHORIZED"
    var scriptData = response.scriptData; 
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