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Platform Release 2017-04-26

Hi Everyone,

Today's release addresses some usability bugs and API Documentation issues. Otherwise, the highlights are:

  • The scope of scheduling bulk admin jobs has been extended and you can now use these with the every hour, day, and minute scheduled scripts.
  • A limit has been imposed on the rate at which requests can be submitted to the REST API.

Here's the run down on what's included in the release:

Bug --- The response to POST /restv2/game/{apiKey}/config/~downloadables/{downloadableId}/file now contains a Content-Type header. 14529

Story --- The file size has been added in the downloadables response. 14517

Story --- REST API: The rate for submitting requests against our REST API is now limited to 300 requests per user per minute or 300 requests per game per minute.  14521

Bug --- API Docs>Rest API: An issue with the Authentication and Game Admin pages that led to 403 errors being returned has been fixed. 14147

Bug --- API Docs: the SparkPlayer page has been re-ordered for clarity and a missing error code added to the MatchMakingRequest page.  14289 & 14145

Bug --- API Stream>Analytics and Manage>Player Management Screen: an issue was resolved that resulted in empty modal pop-ups being presented for queries that returned Events with no data. 14403

Bug --- Issues when saving Running Total Fields on Leaderboards that use different Filter Types are now fixed - Filter Types and Field order are now preserved correctly on save. 14345

Bug --- Validation for adding Collectors to Running Totals for permitted Filter Type/Value combinations is now consistent through successive edits of the Filter Value field. 14329

Bug --- The error message that appears when you attempt to save Cloud Code with incorrect JavaScript now gives the correct line number reference. 14163

Bug --- When segmenting a Property Set Key, a text now clearly reminds users that they are segmenting at this level and not at the level of the Property Set itself. 14159

Bug --- When configuring a Team Type, the tool tip for the Max Ownership Per User field clearly confirms that Mandatory Teams are created when a GetTeamRequest is submitted for a player.  14115

Bug --- Manage: a bug has been fixed which resulted in the wrong Screen being shown when switching between an empty screen and a screen with content. 14037

Story --- Scheduling bulk jobs is now available to use with scheduled scripts. You can schedule one bulk job per scheduled script. 13773